Rob ZOMBIE -《Educated Horses》(Educated Horses)[APE]

Rob ZOMBIE -《Educated Horses》(Educated Horses)[APE]
  • 片  名  Rob ZOMBIE -《Educated Horses》(Educated Horses)[APE]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2006年03月28日地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑英文名: Educated Horses专辑中文名: Educated Horses歌手: Rob ZOMBIE资源格式: APE发行时间: 2006年03月28日地区: 美国语言: 英语简介:
    风格: Alternative/Industrial Metal
    类型: Album
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    When he s not directing feature films like House of 1000 Corpses and Devil s Rejects, Rob Zombie likes to make music. Educated Horses, the prolific director, writer/animator/horror aficionado s return to the world of hedonistic, sexed-up monster rock doesn t stray too far from the formula that garnered him such a rabid fan base, but there s less theater and more backwoods creepiness at hand this time around. Horses crawls on all fours for the first three tracks, relying on too many tried-and-true White Zombie dance beats and turgid guitar riffs to hint at anything outside of sheer puppetry, but when the mid-tempo crunch of 17 Year Locust begins to echo Sabotage-era Black Sabbath, it s clear that Zombie himself is having the time of his life pulling the strings. Scorpion Sleeps, with its boot-stomping intro plays like Gary Glitter s Rock Roll, Pt.1 blaring from angel s trumpets at the apocalypse, Ride, with its Tubular Bells-inspired piano riff, evolves into a storm of sonic debauchery, and the purely psychedelic singalong Death of It All sounds like the end credits to the last film ever. Schlock it may be, but it s infinitely more listenable -- and enjoyable -- than most schlock thinks it is.
    ————————James Christopher Monger, AMG
    在2002和2005年拍了两部恐怖电影《House of 1000 Corpses》和《Devil s Rejects》之后,罗伯·僵尸(Rob Zombie)终于在2006年3月重新回到了自己的老本行,发行了近6年来的首张个人专辑《Educated Horses》。《Educated Horses》是Rob Zombie脱离白僵尸乐队(White Zombie)之后的第四张个人专辑,发行首周的销量为10万7千张,名列本周Billboard 200专辑榜第五位和本周的Top摇滚专辑榜首位。《Educated Horses》上榜首周的排名比Rob Zombie的上张专辑《The Sinister Urge》高了三位,追平了他1998年9月发行的首张个人专辑《Hellbilly Deluxe》首周第五的最好成绩,但《Hellbilly Deluxe》首周的销量要稍高,为12万张。
    《Educated Horses》专辑由Rob Zombie本人和与他长期合作的制作人Scott Humphrey联合打造。与Rob Zombie之前所有的个人专辑以及White Zombie乐队时期的专辑相比,这张《Educated Horses》都显得比较主流而且悦耳。如同专辑名所说,就好像是被驯化过的马一样,变得规规矩矩,狂野的本性收敛了不少。另外,本张专辑还是Rob Zombie所有作品中整体篇幅较短的一张,除了《Sawdust in the Blood》和《100 Ways》两首独奏曲目之外,真正意义上的歌曲只有九首。《American Witch》,《Foxy Foxy》和《The Scorpion Sleeps》等之类的歌曲也只是用过于标准的金属和弦和简单的工业噪音“拼凑”起来的,不过瑕不掩瑜,“被驯化过的马”也有它可爱的一面,《Educated Horses》中还有《17 Year Locust》,《Death of It All》和《The Devil s Rejects》这几首歌曲颇具创意的歌曲。尤其在《17 Year Locust》中,那把贯穿始末的席塔琴才给我们带来了为数不多的意外惊喜。
    Vocals - Rob Zombie
    Guitar - John Five
    Bass - Blasko
    Drums - Tommy Clufetos
    Additional drums - Josh Freese, Tommy Lee
    Additional bass - John 5, Scott Humphrey
    Additional guitars - Scott Humphrey
    Keys - Scott Humphrey
    Background vocals - John 5, Blasko, Tommy Clufetos, Audrey Wiechman, Scott Humphrey
    All lyrics by Rob Zombie
    All music by Rob Zombie
    John Five - Scott Humphrey
    (except Foxy Foxy, Let It All Bleed Out, 100 Ways by Rob Zombie Scott Humphrey)
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